Alternative Marketing Services - Specializing in Youtube Promotion

Get Your Comment on the top of any video and get the exposure that your business or services deserve! Wether you're promoting a business, fan page, artist or anything else, Tubedown offers an affordable alternative marketing Stratgegy.

Instead of paying for over priced clicks on Pay per Click Campaigns and SEO strategies that usually never work, get direct marketing results with our alternative Youtube Marketing Stratgies.


Quality Guarantee

To ensure you get your promotion our team will notify you once the work has been completed. If we cannot rank your comment on the first page video you would like, we will try another video of your choosing.

An Alternative Marketing Strategy to boost your out reach

The power of having your comment on a videos top comment section can yield lasting results for the cost of 2 - 3 clicks on a PPC campaign. Get started today for only $8 and get a comment that sticks and is viewed by thousands of people with the message of your choosing. Direct marketing done right with effective results.